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Artist | Student | Varied

Who am I ?

I am a young artist hoping to become an animator.
Aside from art, I'm into writing, sport, RP, self-improvement, crafting and generally surviving.

My main traits include, but are not limited to, a lot of sarcasm, an unhealthy dose of stubborn, and a general propensy to being a smartass. Working on that.

I'm also way too much iinto by in-depth analysis of fiction and tv shows.



Aaaand here they are, the beloved holidays, and have been for a bit more than ten day. Something like two weeks, probably.
Gosh. And I'm exhausted, because I've been answering all the socials calls I couldn't answer during the years ! So I have people to see, places to be, almost everyday. More on that after the Short Films !

Because here are two Short Films I helped on !


which, as you can see, is hosted on DA too, so you shouldn't have any problem checking it out. I helped as a colorist.
It's a very nice traditionnallly-animated short film, so you should check it out !

En secret,

On which my two classmates and I worked as Character Designers. This short film mixed the work of three different sections (the Illustrators did all the concept art, us in the special section did the charadesign, and the 3Ds did everything else but the music)

there is a third project we worked heavily on, our teacher's comic adaptation into a webserie (the concept, anyway), but I don't know if I'm allowed to render that public, so I won't. It was a smashing success, though, and he found one or two companies willing to fund and produce it ! The only problem so far is that they'd like some adjustement to be made (of course), so this is currently being thought over.

News and personnal stuffs, now !

So as I said, I've been answering a lot, LOT of social calls during the last two or three weeks. I have met with old friends, not-so-old-friends, spent an unholy time at the cinema, not to mention lounging on my boyfriend's sofa, gone shopping with friends, the hairdresser, finally took care of health appointments I had to take care of, got my first-aid credentials, managed to get healthy enough to give blood (ahahah and boy that was tough), and again and again social calls, parties, dinners with people, all that jazz.
I started regretting promising to so many people over the year that "sure man we'll definitely do a thing as soon as school ends", but well, a promise is a promise.

Then again I do have days with nothing and I can just enjoy the quiet to work. even if the other day I got manic about a fic idea and long story short I wrote something like 25 pages of it in one day and a few hours hahaha and now I have an AO3 account, I'm screwed.

Anyway I still managed to draw Smogs, so little by little it's growing !
Though I have to control myself not to go back and redraw stuff, as I'd be stuck in a never ending circle. It's definitely getting real-er and real-er, and I've been working on the website business to host it as well !

ok I was going to babble some more, but I'll restrain myself.

A bunch of Recs !

Soooo what's good in the world ?
Well I finally read Art and Fear, and it was a good read. It's about one hundred pages too, so, if you're an artist struggling with anxiety and all, I suggest you read it.

I watched How to train your Dragon 2, too. one or two times. maybe more. who knows ? I know. Anyway, it's visually stunning, obviously, thought I don't think it's as good as the first story-wise (the threads were showing), but it'd be very very hard to top the first one so I got zero complain on that, I was very satisfied with it (even with the threads showing)

while we're at it. Good movie, yes. I have a huge critic though, but it'd spoil it. Let's just say that I think the resolution at the climax wasn't the most interesting, character-evolution-wise. And I WAS scarred at the beginning because I was worried about having completely misinterpreted the kind of movie I was watching, but it's all good in the end. AND MAN, THESE SHOTS, THESE SHOTS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I do think that the 3D, althought wonderful, is showing a bit of its limits. The movie is visually awesome, the light is overworked into a surreal world, and that's a choice which works, but I regret that it's so visibly unreal. Though, of course, that's the whole point of the fairy world, so perfect it looks unreal ! It's working on this movie, it's just that, generally speaking, I wish it was always an artistic choice to use 3D rather than props and puppets.
But yeah that's not really relevant here because it was visibly an artistic choice as well as an economic one.

The tale of Princess Kaguya, yes, good. If you liked the animation of Ernest and Celestine, you'll like this movie too. You can really feel it's an Isao Takahata movie and not a Miyazaki one (you can always feel that), and it's a good one. I wouldn't know how to explain exactly, but I enjoyed it very much, it was a heartfelt story. Wow, I'm crap at this.

The Discworld, because I finally read all the Pratchett I could get my hands on and I request more ASAP. Seriously, I think I read thirty books of the man over the last three or four months. I'm just addicted to the stuff, and I regret waiting six years to read it after it was recommended to me (but I'm saying the exact same thing about aSoIaF, and Buffy, hahahaha)

I mean even when I enjoy a tv show there's always something, BUT NO, BUFFY IS ACTUALLY PERFECT, and all the complains I have about the show is me really not liking a character, as opposed to bad writing or what.

Le jour des Corneilles, great movie, yes, watch it, and the backgrounds are just so beautiful. The universe is great.

I also watched the Wolf of Wall Street, and I think it's too long, three hours of this is too much. But wow, that's for the traiders' face, ahahahaha. def not for kids, and apparently some people don't see how you're supposed to loathe the main character and his lifestyle ? that's weird to me, because he's obviously such an asshole. A good but heavy on the stomach movie.

And I'm gonna stop here, I think, I've already typed sooo much, ahaha.

have a mashup now.

  • Listening to: my pc going zzzzuuuuuuuummmmm
  • Reading: the Art of War
  • Watching: my bank account running dry
  • Eating: pancakes
  • Drinking: tea

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Thx for viewing and kindly commenting on my artwork - Appreciated... :)
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(mais c'était drôle à faire)
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uuugh you don't know what you're doing to me with this...
as much as I'd LOVE TO (and that'd be a lot), I can't afford to join, I just have so much more important things to do and I know I'd drop my rp partners without meaning to. However, that seems like a really cool rp club and I wish you luck !
Also, thank you for watching me !
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Hope you have fun and enjoy our group!  
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