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Artist | Student | Varied

Who am I ?

I am a young artist hoping to become an animator.
Aside from art, I'm into writing, sport, RP, self-improvement, crafting and generally surviving.

My main traits include, but are not limited to, a lot of sarcasm, an unhealthy dose of stubborn, and a general propensy to being a smartass. Working on that.

I'm also way too much into by in-depth analysis of fiction and tv shows.




Sorry for the lack of activity, I have a TON of work. Well, I say a ton. It's doable. I drew over 500 hands and twenty cars in one single week in addition to the class somebody end me
I'm not going home these holidays because our beloved headmaster asked us if we could "maybe consider doing a demo reel and a book that wasn't only unfinished assignments", and by this, I mean, yeah, we really should do that if we don't want hell to break loose.

So INSTEAD of doing a pseudo philosophical journal like the brooding hipster I am, I'm gonna ramble in no particular order about things. And then, later, I'll do a more *~THOUGHTFUL~* journal. Both because I'm tired, AND because there's a cat between me and the laptop and it hisses when I stop petting it.

Oh, also, hello to my new watchers !!!! I'm going to greet and thank each of you individually, but so far I haven't managed to do it. It's gonna happen, though. We can also chat on notes, if you want to, cause I have no idea where you come from !


Movies you Probs should consider cause they're HELLA

  • Hairspray. It's a musical. It's awesome. Ok I'm gonna sell it better : main character is a fat girl who wants to dance on tv, and she gets the guy without doing anything to fix herself, features a huge anti-racism part in the scenario, awesome music, john travolta in drag.
  • The boy and the world. THIS MOVIE IS SO AWESOME I WANT TO WRITE POETRY ABOUT IT AND SEND IT MY MONEY AND WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It's a brazilian animated movie. It's all kind of beautiful. All kind. Of. Beautiful. (I cried)
  • Mommy. Did I already talk about this ? I don't remember. I went to the cinema thinking "boyyyy this is going to be hard on me" and OMG. It's a Canadian movie (complete with canadian speech. French people, you still need the subtitles), and it's about a woman (probably a highschool dropout ?) and her son, who as to deal with a mental illness (I don't remember the specific name of his problem, but basically he has a hard time controlling his impulses and his anger, but he's not a bad kid.) It's wonderful, the use of the screen (you'll see what I mean) is perfect. Insta fave.
  • Kikujiro's Summer : A movie about a kid who wants to find his mother and gets stuck in the company of a former yakuza. Unlikely friendship. It's very nice, very funny, some scenes are just perfect. I love the music and it left me with a smile, I think it's a good pick-me-up if you need one !
  • The Congress : HOLY HELL, THE CONGRESS. Ok so it's a movie with Robin Wright (princess bride, anyone ????), and it's about...  Robin Wright ! She plays her own role. The movie companies have found a way to digitalize actors and use only these personas (banks of images, expressions, etc) to make cheap movies. They offer a huge amount of money to the actors to digitalize them, and they have to completely stop acting forever (even singing in a bar is out.) And then, they invent pills that make us see the world "animated.", so anybody can animates themselves as any character they want. It's... fairly complicated to explain. It's a very complex movie, with so many great things in it, but I'll probably need to rewatch it at least three times (and drink a lot of tea along with that) to understand everything there is to it... But A+ movie ok trust me on it (also I cried again.)
I'm gonna stop there with five, cause it's a nice number, and because in the last month no other movie blew my mind like these did.
I AM starting to get really really tired of the "I'm a twentysomething/fortysomething white man with PROBLEMS also there seem to be only one talking female in the movie and I wanna bang her" narrative, because when you watch one movie a day you see a LOT of these. Urgh.

Books books books books

  • I don't think I ever mentionned the absolute cult I have to Mrs Ursula Le Guinn. It is now fixed. She's a goddess to this world. (She wrote the books Earthsea, and they are SO GOOD. She wrote a lot of Sci Fi, trying to see how different political concepts would shape societies in a big planets corporation, the Ekumen. I love her, I love her, read her stuff, I love her, okay ???? I'll fight a man for this lady.)
  • Abysses, by Claire Nouvian. I love the Ocean. I love books with huge pictures and science in them. And I love weird animals. Especially weird and unknown animals that live so deep we discovered them less than twenty years ago. I MEAN THE OCEAN IS SO GREAT WE KNOW MORE ABOUT SPACE THAN ABOUT WHAT LIES IN THE OCEAN AND I *hyperventilates*
I... actually didn't get to read a lot of good stuff lately ? I started reading a Lovecraft integral, and boyyyy. I don't like Lovecraft so far. Urg.
But if you need to keep yourself busy and you haven't yet read the discworld, then you should read that. A friend told me to read them something like.... six years ago... and I read them last year, and I'm still not over it (I think a few are missing from my collection... and Terry Pratchett is died this year.........)

I need to find more audiobooks. Reading on the bumpy bus ride isn't ideal.

I can't do an art feature I have faved like zero things in months I'm a disgrace

So more news about me in no real order whatsoever.

It's my journal I do whatever I want HAH

I got all the weird platinium from this summer chopped off my hair ! (anybody remember how I got a hairdye this summer ? no ? it was hilarious), so now I have hair SUPER SHORT, and it's also SUPER HOT.
No I mean really I had a real hairdresser this time and this guy knew how to work a pair of scissors alright, if you ever come here in need for a haircut I HAVE YOUR MAN.

I started also playing chess with a friend. I get my ass served each time, it's a lot of fun. (How we got a chess game is another funny story, but I'm not allowed to publicly share it. Apparently.)

And with the temperature rising, I started wearing tank tops again, which lead to the discovery of new muscles on my former noodle-arms. Spent three days flexing arms in front of the mirror like WHO'S A BADASS BITCH YOU'RE THE BADASS BITCH NO I'M THE BADASS BITCH. It's embarassing to think about, but for science and researches purpose I have to tell you that this is a thing I do.

I'm maybe leaving this flat this summer to flatshare again (with the chesspal). I don't know yet. I'm good here, but if I can get somewhere sunnier and less WET it would be great.

Ok one song to finish this, a song. It's from Hairspray. It's also perfect.


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